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What to Do When a Girl Wants to Join an All-Boy Pack

August 19, 2018

As fall recruiting ramps up in the coming weeks, one question that your team may be confronted with is: What happens when a girl comes to a “Join Scouting” night at her school and the school has chosen to charter an all-boy pack?

Procedurally, we advise that unit-serving executives be prepared to offer alternative unit recommendations to families that arrive at a “Join Scouting” event.

  • This means that all-boy packs will be able to refer families to pack for boys and girls, and packs that are welcoming boys and girls are able to refer families to an all-boy (or all-girl, if available) pack for those parents that prefer that option.
  • That information is available on or from your District Executive.
  • To ensure the best possible experience for families and to minimize the risk for misunderstandings, please share information about alternative units while the family is at the event to avoid any concerns that may result from a delay.
  • If asked why a unit has chosen the preferred pack structure, we recommend that staff and volunteers use the following messages to direct the family to packs that can serve their needs:

    Now that the BSA is making its programs available to both boys and girls, chartered organizations have the option to establish girl packs, family packs that consist of girl dens and boy dens, or remain an all-boy pack.

    In all instances, dens will be single gender — all boys or all girls.

    Our pack has decided to … CHOOSE ONE: 1) remain an all-boy pack, 2) established a new all-girl pack, or 3) convert to a “family” pack of boy dens and girl dens.”

    If you prefer another structure, we’d be happy to let you know which nearby units can meet your needs, which we can look up by your zip code right now.

    Your pack options include…

Should a volunteer or staff member feel that a situation has not been addressed to the satisfaction of the parent, please inform me and your District Executive so we can follow up.