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May 28, 2018

Balancing Media Use and Privacy Concerns in Powhatan District

To share the fun, adventure and impact of Scouting in Powhatan District, we often take photographs or videos of our activities, and encourage participants to do the same.  As we recognize the value of sharing photos and other media, we also recognize that individual participants may have privacy concerns related to the sharing of content online or in print.  To balance individual privacy concerns with the considerable benefits that come from sharing content, we have developed the policy whose text is shown below.   Interested in additional information?  Would you like to adopt a Media Creation and Use policy for your Pack, Troop or Crew?  Are you organizing a Powhatan District activity or event?  The links at the bottom of this page may be useful to you.

Media  Creation and Use Policy

Powhatan District uses photos and videos of activity participants and visitors in our communications to highlight the fun and value of Scouting.  In attending a Powhatan activity, you understand and agree that:

  • Your likenesses as a participant may be included in communication and promotional materials, such as websites, social media posts, news articles, printed items and so on.
  • Your likenesses will be used without compensation.
  • You will not be notified if or when your likeness is used.
  • We will not include identifying information such as full name, email address, address, or family member names without your prior authorization.

Nevertheless, we endeavor to respect the privacy needs and concerns of our participants and visitors. If you do not wish to have your likeness used in our communications, please help us to prevent the inclusion of your likeness by:

  • Providing advanced notice to the event chair, in writing, that you prefer not to be photographed.
  • If photography opt-out wrist-bands or other items are available at the event or activity, please wear yours prominently to let others know you wish not to be photographed.
  • Alert photographers should you see someone in your vicinity taking pictures at the event, so you are not accidentally captured in crowd shots.

In taking photos or videos at a Powhatan event, you agree and understand that:

  • Your cooperation with respect to the privacy needs and concerns of others is important.
  • You will make your best effort to avoid including in your photos and videos the likeness of individuals who wish not to be included.

With your assistance, we will endeavor to communicate the vibrancy of our Scouting program while working to address particular privacy and needs and concerns of all participants.


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