Roundtable – March 8 2018


Did you miss Roundtable (RT) last Thursday?  That’s OK.  We had lots of fun without you!  The return on my investment (ROI) for my time and energy was the smiles on faces as I led everyone in a silly song about the Witch of the Catalina Mountains, watched Liz go fishing to get everyone hooked on Scouting, had Brian discuss Scout Discipline with the Cub Scout Leaders, saw Frank Smith teach “Knot Again” to Boy Scout Leaders, watched Troop 1257’s PLC present Winter Camping, and Scott Rakestraw show us a robot built for competition!
Roundtable is like a support group for the habitual camper.  However our version of a 12-step program is called Journey to Excellence which encourages the habit, not break it!  Typically 1/5 of the attendees are unit leaders.  The others are likely committee members, who may essentially be gaining the knowledge to eventually become a unit leader.  Good idea!  They’re able to take the latest scoop back to their troop!
What’s next?
1.  Next Saturday 17 March, 9a-4:30p, is the Powhatan District Pinewood Derby at the Oakton LDS Stake Center, 2719 Hunter Mill Road, Oakton, VA 22124; followed immediately by registration for the Webelos Bridging Ceremony.  Don’t Miss It!
2.  Unit Key 3’s should nominate someone for the Unit Scouter Award by emailing their name to the District Commissioner, Larry Lawver, at by NLT Thursday 12 April (our next RT).
3.  Invite your nominee to attend the the Powhatan District Program Launch and Court of Honor on Thursday 10 May, 7-9pm, each unit bringing a potluck dessert or appetizer to share.  No RSVP required.
4.  Family Scouting information is trickling out from National.  We got the attached flyer this week, so I prepared the attached 6-per-page handout for distribution at RT.  Feel free to use these for your unit!  The key to a successful roll out of Family Scouting for Cub Scouts this year and Boy Scouts next year is recruiting and training lots of female Scouters.  When a parent asks about signing up their son or daughter, offer them an Adult Application form as well, and discuss ways they can participate too!  That’s why it’s called “Family Scouting!”  BSA doesn’t stand for “Baby-Sitting Association!”  :>)

I hope to see you at Roundtable next month on 12 April, and at the PL/CoH on 10 May!


Larry “Low Level” Lawver
Powhatan District Commissioner


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