Are You Lost Eagle Scout?

The NOVA Eagle Scout network has now more than 300 members. The group, composed of Eagle Scouts living, working or awarded their rank in an around the northern Virginia area brings Eagle Scouts together a few times a year to talk about jobs, service and the community. The group also includes those interested in providing support to our Eagle Scouts, including parents and business people. They have also provided help with resumes, mentoring, and networking lessons for those who feel shy in attending the get-together.

To join, simply visit the Northern Virginia Eagle Scouts group on

Once the page for the group comes up, ask for membership by entering the place your Eagle Rank was awarded, the troop number and the year of your award. There is no charge for membership.

The group will also be working with the NCAC to develop events for all Eagle Scouts. If you are interested and would like to join or help out, please contact Fred Rubin by emailĀ CLICK HEREĀ .