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Photo Release Forms

January 02, 2018

NCAC Photo Release Policy

The National Capital Area Council (NCAC), Boy Scouts of America, maintains a World Wide Web site for purposes of publicizing its Scouting program. The following paragraph contains the council’s policy statement regarding photographs on its World Wide Web Site:

“Although the council encourages use of photographs and illustrations to graphically depict the excitement and adventure involved in Scouting, the council is sensitive to concerns about publishing photographs of individuals, especially youths, in any medium. Therefore, photos of group scenes wherein faces and unique identifying characteristics are not readily distinguishable are preferred. If a photo depicting a person’s face or unique identifying characteristics is published, it should not include names, and it may only be published after the individual has granted written permission by signing a model release.”

The council has adopted this policy because of the Scouting program’s concerns about child abuse in general, and specifically because of the possibility that a child abuser could find a photograph on the Internet, be attracted to the subject of the photo, and engage or attempt to engage in harassment, stalking, or abuse. The council considers this possibility unlikely, and considers that a photograph published on the Internet is little different than one published in a newspaper, magazine, or brochure. However, we are concerned for the safety and well being of our Scouts above all else, and wish parents to be able to make informed decisions.

Please use the following forms to help support this policy with your unit.