Commissioner Corps

Rechartering Presentations 2018

Commissioner Support

Commissioners are the heart and soul of the BSA’s volunteer movement and have been involved in Scouting since its very beginning in 1910. They were the first commissioned volunteers, and some of them became professional Scouters as the need was defined. That is why both commissioners and professionals still wear the wreath of service position patch on their field uniforms, even today. This strong bond continues as district executive/district commissioner serve together as members of their district Key 3.

The Role of the Commissioner in Unit Service

The most important role of the commissioner is to provide unit service to Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Venturing crews, Explorer Posts and Clubs and Sea Scout ships by:

  • Serving as a consultant in unit and youth recruitment and retention
  • Serving as a program specialist
  • Serving as a resource person
  • Serving as a liaison to the district and council
  • Assisting units in new mandatory training (basic and online)
  • Working with chartered organization representatives

The Role of the Commissioner in Membership

  • Commissioners support units to achieve the Journey of Excellence performance recognition.
  • Work closely with district executives to help organize all new units.
  • Support spring and fall unit membership recruitment programs.
  • Promote the full Scouting family with chartered organizations (pack, troop, crew, post, club and ship).

The Role of the Commissioner in Unit Retention

  • Commissioners provide needed support for proper unit rechartering (Internet rechartering as well).
  • Make regular monthly unit visits.
  • Input unit visit reports in Commissioner Tools.
  • Assign experienced commissioners to all new units (minimum service two to three years).

Roundtable Commissioner Support

  • Roundtable Commissioners play a significant role in providing continuous supplemental training for unit leaders. Roundtables are a monthly event provides program topic guidance and structure suggestions for unit leaders.
  • A fun environment creates excitement around the coming month of activities and program for Roundtable Commissioners help unit leaders to carry back for implementation in their units.