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Summer 2019 Adventure for Potomac District Cubs!

Summer 2019 Adventure for Potomac District Cubs!

The best packs plan their own summer time programs! Examples of these great programs include Summer Camp or earning the BSA’s National Summertime Pack Award (

But for Families in packs that don’t do this (and most don’t), here’s a Fun set of Adventures Parents can do with their Cubs over the Summer. 20 Cub-like activities are grouped in categories (that meets some of rank adventure requirements!) :

            Exploring Me

            Exploring My Family

            Exploring My Community

            Exploring My World

Cubs and parents are encouraged to complete as many activities as they can.

To earn the 2019 patch, you must complete at least 2 activities in each of the 4 categories.

Parent is Akela – the one who approves completion of the work. Initial the activity.

Only registered Cubs in the Potomac District are eligible to receive the patch.

Program period is from Memorial Day Weekend (May 24, 2019) to Labor Day Weekend (Sep. 2, 2019). Award submissions must be received by Sep. 8, 2019. Patches will be available for pick-up at Potomac’s Cub Roundtable, Sep. 10, 2019. (LDS Church Falls Road, 11700 Falls Rd., Potomac, MD 20854)

To submit request for the patch, fill out the following form and upload a copy of the application.