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Camporee Spring 2019

Weather Announcement!!!!

The start of the Patriot District 2019 Spring Camporee is postponed to 7 AM, Saturday, April 27, 2019.  Units and staff are asked to arrive at 7 AM and set up.  Opening ceremony followed by activities will start at 10 AM.  A revised schedule will be sent out this evening.  The postponement decision was made based on the predicted heavy rain through Friday evening. 

Wind Advisory!
Caution regarding your canopies and pop up shelters.

Weather Revised Schedule April 25

Camporee Guide Rev April 19

Addendum to Camporee Guide:

(1) Camporee Map

(2) Vehicles are not allowed into the camping area. Units must transport their equipment and supplies by foot from the parking lot.  Recommend a large wagon or cart for transporting equipment and supplies. See Map.

(3) Units might want to bring their own water supply in light of the distant location of the water source at the camporee. See Map.

(4) Units are required to collect and retain the Part A&B Medical Forms. The camporee will not collect or check them.

(5) Above ground campfires are allowed.

Skill Stations and Troop Sponsorship (“Tie It Up” Remains Open

Camporee Survey