Patriot District Training Workshop 2016

District TrainingWe were unable to hold our January Patriot District committee meeting  on Tuesday due to the heavy snowfall.  Because the first meeting of the New Year is always an important one as we begin to develop momentum for a wide range of activities in the months ahead, Jack would like to have us meeton Saturday morning beginning at 9 AM at the LDS Chapel on Ox Road near Braddock Road. Our objective is to accomplish two important things:  (1) to hold our January committee meeting, and (2) to have ALL committee members participate in a special District Committee Training session led by Robert Cohn and Kristin Chioma.  We anticipate that these activities will be completed by noon.   

Regarding the training session, Robert, Kristin, Jack, and I believe that the planned training and discussion session can help us sharpen our focus and enhance our overall effectiveness in guiding many important Scouting activities going forward.  As individual schedules permit, we urge all of you to attend this special gathering.  As Kristin has noted, “Every scout deserves a trained leader and it starts with us.  In the training/discussion session we will review the various functions and responsibilities of the committee and also review individual roles.  We will also provide time for each vice chair to meet with their group and make plans for the upcoming year.  All participants will receive a training card and patch to show that you are trained as a district committee member.”

Please make every effort to participate in this important PD activity.  A response indicating your availability to attend and participate will be much appreciated. [ I am already aware of several commitments to attend on Saturday and expect to receive many others.]  Please also let us know if you are unable to attend due to a prior commitment. Note that I am working from an allegedly complete and accurate list of registered Patriot District committee members for 2016 provided through Council, with a few additional invitees who are actively involved in PD committee things.  Please advise if your name on this list is in error.  Thank you.  We look forward to a productive session on Saturday.

Yours in Scouting,

Bill Snowden
Deputy Chair