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NCAC’s Aquatics Committee enhances local aquatics activities by being the center of effort for recreational and instructional programs in, on and under the water. The goal of the committee is to further the aims of scouting at the unit, district and council levels through safe, enjoyable aquatics programming.

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Swimming and Water Rescue (SWR) 06/01/2019
CPR/AED Pro and First Aid Training 2019

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training (ARC) 2019

BSA/Red Cross Lifeguard Crossover Course 2019

Paddle Craft Safety (PCS) Training Basic Sessions 2019

Paddle Craft Safety (PCS) River Course 2019

Pre-Camp Swim Classification Tests 2019

SCUBA Certification 2019

SCUBA Diving Merit Badge Counseling Session 08/25/2019

SCUBA BSA 05/25/2019

Aquatics Merit Badge Completion Day 08/17/2019

Other Fun Activities!

ScubaJam – Labor Day Weekend 30 Aug – 2 Sep, 2019

Camp Snyder Aquatics Work Day 05/04/2019

Working with the council training committee to provide aquatics training for
adults and youth:

Working with camp aquatics staff in:

Provide and promote a broad array of basic and high-adventure swimming and boating activities to support all parts of the Scouting program:

Provide advancement opportunities for youth:

Promote and ensure safety by:

Aquatic Links

Meeting Schedule and Events  (Committee Minutes)

Aquatics Chairman
Mike Meenehan
Phone: (703) 400-2176