Order of the Arrow

Welcome to the Old Dominion Chapter of Amangamek-Wipit Lodge #470


ODD Chapter Spring Ordeal, 3-5 May 2019

2018-2019 Chapter Leadership

Chapter Chief

​John Denman

Vice Chapter Chief of Communications

Aiden Tersine

Vice Chief of Inductions

Vice Chief of Activities

Vice Chief of Unit Programs

Chapter Adviser

Jason Huggins

Upcoming Activities


Chapter Meetings

Old Dominion Order of the Arrow Chapter meetings are held on the 1st Sunday of most months, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (except July) at Sydenstricker United Methodist Church (Old Chapel Building) at the corner of Sydenstricker and Hooes Roads Springfield, VA. All OA members are invited to attend.

2019 Lodge Dues

To be a member in Amangamek-Wipit Lodge and the OA you must be a registered scout or scouter and pay your lodge dues annually. A dues payment of $14 gives you an invite to all chapter/lodge events and a subscription to the quarterly Lodge Shark’s Tooth newsletter. Your OA ID number and BSA ID number will be printed at the top of your Sharks Tooth Newsletter.

Your 2019 dues can be paid online at www.scoutingevent.com/082-2019OADues.

Camp Snyder Amphitheater Project:
When:  Saturday, March 23rd
Time: Safety Briefing at 8:30am service project starts at 9.
Bring: water bottle
Food is provided.
If you complete 6 hours of service you get a hard hat.

This event is FREE!

Area Leadership Development Conference:
This event will be from 12pm to 4:30pm at Camp Snyder on March 9th and will be completely FREE!
The event will be focused on doing Cope.
This is what the COPE team had to say about their program:
COPE is about ensuring each participant has the opportunity to discover how well they understand leadership; communicating, creating and adjusting a shared vision, establishing shared values, knowing the members of the team, using the team’s assets.
The session will have 6 phases: intro, ice breaker, initiative games, trust games, low element challenges, high element challenges. The facilitators will have a game-based plan to accomplish the objective, and will adapt the plan to meet the needs and abilities of the group.
You start as a group. By the end of the day, you’re a team.

Spring Fellowship:
Spring Fellowship is an opportunity for Arrowmen from throughout the lodge to come together over a weekend to have fun, learn more about the OA, engage in outdoor activities, and give service. Please come out to Spring Fellowship April 12-14 at Camp Snyder!
The theme for this event is US First Responders. Come explore the world that lives on the edge through WipitFest, a festival with shooting sports, fire truck demonstrations, obstacle courses, rock climbing, chapter festivities, and more!
More information and the registration link can be found here: https://wipit470.org/ fellowship.html

Section Conclave 
Conclave is just like Fellowship except there will be 3 lodges instead of one. This event is bigger and you have the ability to meet even more people. The event is from May 17-19 at Camp Snyder.
More information and the registration link can be found here: https://www.ne6a.org/ conclave.html


Amangamek-Wipit Lodge #470