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Unit Service Plan and Commissioner Tools


Volunteer Training Guide (Volunteer Training Guide in pdf or Volunteer Training Guide in .csv ) : John Tillman created this guide of basic and optional training  training requirements for Volunteer Adult Leadership Positions supporting Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Team, Venture Crew, Sea Scout Ship, Explorer Post and the District Commissioner Crops.


Online Registration Guide for Units

The online registration system ( ) is designed to make it easy for families to join Scouting. They can find a unit, if they do not already have one in mind, or apply to the unit of their choice. The system walks them through the entire application and payment process. If there is an application or lead to be processed, the unit Key 3 will receive a notification in their My.Scouting inbox once a day letting them know they have actions to take.


There are three parts to the tool:

1. Invitation Manager: Collects information from potential new Scouts for your unit from BeAScout; o Helps you manage leads from joining nights and from individual referrals; and o Allows you to send invitations directly to interested families with a link to the application that is specific to your unit.

2. Digital Application:*

Electronic application that collects all of the data needed to register in a unit; Allows the applicant (if over 18) or the applicant’s parent to provide a digital signature; and
Includes an online credit card payment option or a cash/check option.

3. The Application Manager:
Collects completed applications from new youth and adults;*
Allows the unit leader/Key 3 to review the youth application and either accept the application with an electronic signature or send the application to the district so that they can place the youth in a different unit; Allows the Committee Chair to review the adult application and make recommendations for adult positions; and Allows the Chartered Organization Representative (CR) to review and accept or reject the application with their electronic signature, or refer the application to the district for placement in a different unit.

∗ Youth and adults who use this system should be new to Scouting or be currently registered in a unit and applying to multiple in a different unit than the one in which they are currently registered. This system is not designed to register non-paying adult positions, position changes in the same unit, or youth or adult renewals.

Both the Invitation Manager and Application Manager are accessed through your My.Scouting account.

Click Here for the Online Registration Guide for Units