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Merit Badge Resource Center

The latest Merit Badge Counselor lists are posted, by Unit, by badge, alphabetically and a spreadsheet on the District Yahoo Groups Page under files>Merit Badges. Click here.  Scoutmasters and unit leaders should not distribute lists to Scouts, but provide the contact information to the Scout.   Those identified on the MBC Who Need to Turn in Application still must register for the district position of Merit Badge Counselor – position 52.
Note, NOBODY should be doing merit badge counseling, even within a unit, unless properly registered.  Merit Badge Counselor is NOT a unit position.
Please contact me if you need to update counselors in your respective units.
Please note that if you don’t have Merit Badge Counselors that are properly registered that could create problems with future eagle packages.
Thank you.
Ed Fairbairn
Occoquan District Merit Badge Counselor Dean

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Merit Badge Counselor’s Compass:  This e-newsletter provides merit badge counselors with practical advice through a concise, informative approach in order to make badge instruction more efficient and worthwhile. Click here