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March 25, 2017

How do I get to Goshen Scout Reservation?

The Goshen Scout Reservation is at 340 Millard Burke Memorial Highway (VA Route 601), Goshen, Virginia 22439. Take I-495 (Capital Beltway) to I-66 West to junction with I-81 South (about 80 miles). Follow I-81 South to Staunton, Exit 225 (about 75 miles). At the end of the exit ramp, turn right onto VA 262 South (old 275) to US 250. Turn right onto US 250 (through Churchville) to VA 42 South. Follow VA 42 South through Buffalo Gap and Craigsville into Goshen (about 30 miles). At the edge of the Goshen town limits (at the bridge), turn left onto VA 39. Follow VA 39 South through Goshen to Goshen Scout Reservation (about 4 miles) Turn left onto VA 601 and continue for about a mile to the entrance of the Reservation.

Where will I camp at Goshen?

The camporee will be a small town of 6,000+ people! Attendees will using the existing camps and a temporary camp at Goshen and will staying with kindred spirits, that is with similar units like Webelos, Scouts, Alumni families, Scout families, etc. It will be fun to share experiences and stories with your own age and achievement level group or families!

To be specific:

  • Cubs, Webelos and their families – Camp Ross
  • Scout and Varsity Units – Camp Olmsted or Camp Bowman
  • Explorer and Venturer Units – Camp Marriott
  • Alumni families and individual Alumni – Camp PMI

Where do I park and how do I get to my campsite?

When you arrive at Goshen, you will be directed to park in one of several large areas where you will leave your vehicle for the weekend. Each unit will be allowed to designate one vehicle, which may include a trailer, to drive into the unit’s campsite with its gear and park at the campsite over the weekend. Everyone else in the unit, along with their personal gear, will walk from their vehicle parking area to their nearby camp or take a shuttle bus to their far camp.

Why can’t I drive to and park at my campsite?

We are planning for 2,000+ participants during the camporee. There are not enough parking spaces in the camp areas for everyone to park their vehicle. Also, a lot of vehicles on the Goshen road system during arrival and departure times will create congestion and traffic jams (just like home, in the National Capital Area!). And, scouts and families will be walking on the roads around Goshen, so the fewer vehicles on the roads the safer it will be for pedestrians.

Why do I need to pick an arrival and departure time for the weekend at Goshen?

So we don’t have rush hour and traffic jams like we do at home! Who wants that headache on a fun weekend? Seriously, we expect more than 2,000 participants during the camporee, so we are staggering the arrival and departure times so everyone doesn’t show up or want to go home at the exact same time. Staggered arrivals and departures will spread out the flow of traffic to avoid highway backups, minimize delays and frustration and make the entire check-in and check-out process run more smoothly.

Can I get to Goshen some other way than by personal vehicle?

You bet! Just like going to summer camp at Goshen, you can take a comfortable, air conditioned bus from the Fairfax County Government Center on Saturday morning, June 27th and return from Goshen on Monday afternoon, June 29th. The cost is $45 per person roundtrip. And, while most of your unit rides the bus, you can send several folks in a separate vehicle with trailer to Goshen with all of your unit’s out sized gear. Sign up for the bus on the camporee registration site.

Are meals provided during the Camporee?

Part of the camporee experience, whether you come with a unit or camp as a family, will be to prepare your own meals. There will be no place on the reservation to purchase meals nor ice nor fuel, so do the scout thing and “Be Prepared”. We suggest you prepare a sack lunch for Saturday and Sunday. There are so many fun things to do during the day that it is best to take a midday meal with you that can be quickly devoured so your unit or family can get the most out of the day. And, don’t forget canteens or water bottles and snacks throughout the day to keep hydration and energy levels up! It will be warm, for sure!

What happens to the camporee if it rains or the weather is not good?

The camporee will go on, rain or shine. So, come prepared for rain and/or heat and humidity. There is that “Be Prepared” thing again! The camporee staff will modify the camporee activities and schedule if needed to account for the weather. For instance, there may be a delay in activities if there is lightning in the area. But, barring tornadoes or a 100 year flood, the camporee will continue despite the weather.

So, I’m a Goshen Alumni and I want to bring my spouse and six children. Is it going to cost me a fortune?

The short answer is “No”. As a Goshen Alumni family, you pay $20 per head to camp the entire weekend at Camp PMI and participate in the activities. Children under 6 years old are free. So, if you have two children under 6 and four over 6, the total price for the weekend for your family of eight is $120 (six people over 6 years old X $20 each). Where else can your family have this much fun for an entire weekend for less than the cost of a single night’s lodging?