Goose Creek District Leadership Development Chairman: Walt Johnson
Cub Scout Leader Training Coordinator: TBA
Boy Scout Leader Training Coordinator: TBA

What Makes A Trained Leader?

Guide to what makes a trained leader

Online Training Courses

Note: a number of courses recently moved from to Please bear with us as we work to update the links in this page.

The following courses are offered online for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venture Leaders.

The first three classes are prerequisites for all subsequent Adult Leader training classes:

Youth Protection Training
This Is Scouting
Fast Start Training

These online classes are also available for all leaders. (Note: they’re on under the Boy Scout and Other training links.)

Weather Hazards
Safe Swim Defense
Safety Afloat
Trek Safely

Please refer to the calendar for classes provided by the Leadership Development Training Staff, including Cub Scout Leader Specific Training (CSLST), Boy Scout Leader (formerly, “Scoutmaster”) Specific Training (BSLST), and more!

Accessing Online Training at (To Be Updated)

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) offers online Adult Leader Training at All leaders are encouraged to take online training because it is timely information and can be completed when you are free to do it. New leaders should complete as least the Fast Start training for their position and Youth Protection Training for their program within the first 90 days of joining the unit.

Depending on the version and security settings, may not be accessible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 8.0 or higher, nor Safari browsers (sorry, Mac fans). Use a lower version of MS IE or Mozilla’s Firefox browser (it’s free at

When registering at, you’ll create a logon and password. You’ll also be asked to designate what council you are in AND to enter your BSA ID number. BOTH ARE IMPORTANT TO ENSURE YOUR MASTER TRAINING RECORD IS PROPERLY UPDATED. Select the National Capital Area Council as your council.

If you know your BSA ID number, enter it now. If you’re a new Leader and haven’t received your BSA ID number yet, please return to when you get it and edit your profile to add it. IT’S IMPORTANT SO YOUR MASTER TRAINING RECORD IS PROPERLY UPDATED.

You can find your BSA ID number on your BSA registration card, on your unit’s roster, or contact the person who does the re-chartering in your unit.

Finally, always print a copy of the trained certificate for your records as you complete an online course (or anytime afterwards) for your records. Also, provide a copy of the certificate to your Pack Trainer, Unit Training Chair, or whoever tracks adult leader training in your unit. If you do not know who that person is, ask your unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Varsity Scout Coach, Venturing Advisor, or Skipper) or your Committee Chair – they should know.

If you experience technical issues with, contact the BSA National Help Desk at 972-580-2267. issues may also be sent via e-mail to E-mail requests to the National Help Desk might take up to 24 hours for answering.

When e-mailing, please include a description of the problem, your name, e-mail address, BSA ID number, phone number, and council name and number (NCAC, #082).

BSA Training Codes

Do you know your C33 from your S11? If you have ever looked at your Adult Leader training record or a unit training report and tried to make sense of the letter-number code designations, we’ve posted the list of Official BSA training codes so that “all will be revealed” to you!