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Merit Badges

Merit Badge Program

The Scouting BSA is a movement dedicated to supplementing and enlarging the education of youth. As a vital part of the BSA’s advancement plan, the merit badge program is one of Scouting’s basic character-building tools and plays a key role in the fulfillment of this educational commitment. There are over 100 different merit badges in the program. Without dedicated volunteers who are proficient in the subject matter of the various badges, the program will not be successful.

An important aspect of the merit badge program is the opportunity for scouts to widen their contacts with other adults. Meeting with adults whom they might not be acquainted provides scouts a chance to develop social skills and self-confidence in situations, which initially may cause them to be uncertain and shy. Merit badge counselors provide the means for Scouts to explore many subjects that may not be available to them otherwise. Because merit badge counselors must be proficient in the subject of the badge being worked on, the scouts receive highly accurate and technical instructions while being coached on the topic.

Any questions or concerns please contact the District’s Merit Badge Dean:

Rus Pittman, (571) 354-7378, 


Current Merit Badge Counselors and Guidelines:

The current roster of merit badge counselors is provided periodically to the Scoutmaster of each troop.  If a scout needs information about a specific merit badge, the scout can contact their troop leadership or the George Mason Merit Badge Dean (note emails should include two adults – no one-on-one contact for electronic media).

Upcoming events will be listed below:

The following Merit Badges have a new version due to updated requirements.  Scouts that have started the previous version of these Merit Badges may continue working on that version.  Scouts who are just starting on these Merit Badges must use the 2019 version.


To become a Merit Badge Counselor:

You will need to submit the following information to the Merit Badge Dean:

Information about the requirements for MBCs can be found in the Guide to Advancement (2017) and the Guidelines for Merit Badge Counselors.

Note, to become a MBC for some specific merit badges require that counselors have additional certification:

George Mason