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Day Camp Campership Application

Day Camp Campership Application

The National Capital Area Council Campership Funds are possible because of great donors. A special thank you to the Augustine and Dixon family for sharing their resources for Scouts in need. All Campership requests for Day Camp are due at the Council Service Center by April 1 of each year. The Campership Committee will convene and make award designations. Requests received after the due date can only be considered if funds are still available. Please submit this application before registering this Scout for camp online and before paying the Scout’s camp fees. (Assistance cannot be granted in excess of the camp registration fee causing a refund.)

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  • To be completed by a Parent or Guardian:

    Camperships are granted based solely on financial need. Please complete this application, indicating your financial situation and why you feel financial aid is necessary. Assistance is normally granted for up to 50% of the camp attendance fee. All awards are granted based on the availability of funds.