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World Jamboree 2019

With the World Jamboree coming up in 2019 the International Committee of the National Capital Area Council is doing everything it can to help Scouts get ready. Bookmark this page as your go to venue for all things Jambo!

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Here’s a Power Point that speaks to all things Jamboree – download and distribute or click the link for access

Here’s a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for all things Jamboree

And here’s a document walking you through the best way to make sure your application as an adult has been successfully submitted.

Scholarship Opportunities!

The National Capital Area Council (NCAC) International Committee will provide four $500 scholarships for youth participants to attend the 23rd World Scout Jamboree (WSJ).  The competitive awards will be selected on the merits of a written proposal for presenting a “cultural exhibit” that will best showcase the heritage and accomplishments of the United States.  The exhibit will be loosely defined as any presentation including static displays, show-and-tell demonstrations, or interactive exchange of information.  Preferably, the exhibit could be presented at the contingent’s campsite, sub-camp, or the World Cultural Center — with prior approval.  The staging of the exhibit could be multi-days and/or as part of the World Culture Day program.


Any youth-participants (Scout/Venturer) approval by NCAC to attend the WSJ. (no ISTs)


There will be $500 each credited towards the winners’ WSJ registration fee.


The application and proposal must be received by March 30, 2019.  Addressed to ATTN: NCAC International Committee, Marriot Scout Center, 9190 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814; or electronically to

The proposal package must include the following:

  1. A completed Application Form.
  2. A copy of NCAC Contingent’s acceptance letter/email, with WSJ Registration Number.

Description of the proposed exhibit (less than one-page), including the follow:

  1. Required display or staging area (square footage)
  2. Required Support equipment (electrical power, laptops, props, tables)
  3. Transportation of exhibit to and from the WSJ.
  4. Additional staff for rotation or assisting in the exhibit.
  5. Duration of display (hours, days)
  6. Safety considerations.


  1. 30 points – Creativity: originality, uniqueness, educational value, wow-factor.
  2. 20 points – Feasibility: ease of presentation, transport, setup, and staffing.
  3. 20  points – Affordability: economic to produce and implement.
  4. 20  points – Suitability: international audience, cultural sensitivities, and safety.
  5. 10 points — Relevance to International Scouting.

For more information email:,


Logistic Concerns:

Possible Themes:




NCAC Fund Award Criteria