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Scouterhorn (Mobile Tower) Reservation Process

Understand the following: when you rent the tower, YOU are responsible for getting trained operators. You will only be able to use the tower when you can supply the staff. There is a 4-step process for reserving the Scouterhorn. The process must be COMPLETED AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT:

  1. Contact the team at Camp Snyder to tentatively reserve the tower (and transport, if needed) for the date you plan to use the tower
    • The process can take 30 days to research the need and get the necessary operating permits.
    • The Scouterhorn is stored at Camp Snyder, so the Camp Snyder team keeps the authoritative list of reservations.
    • The tower requires transportation.
      • The truck donated for transporting the tower is located at the Marriott Scout Service Center and is used for other purposes.
      • If you need the truck, ask the team to tentatively reserve it, too. Be sure you have a driver authorized to drive the truck, such as an NCAC employee. Be sure to include the truck on the request form.
    • Discuss rental fees.
    • ALWAYS use this site to get the current checklist.
  2. Download the checklist for the mobile climbing tower, fill out, and return to the Camp Snyder team for review by the Climbing and COPE committees. Be sure to include in the CC. The requester is responsible for ensuring Camp Snyder and the Climbing/COPE committees are informed. We are volunteers like you.
    • Checklist was revised 2016-05-24
    • If unclear about an item, ask. We’re here to help you avoid making unnecessary and potentially dangerous assumptions.
    • If/when anything goes wrong, we cannot disappear. A ride operator can declare Chapter 11 and reappear under a new name.
  3. Acquire the necessary permits
    • Click here for an example of the form to request Maryland inspection (required for operating the tower in Maryland)
      • Notice the permit must be received by the Maryland offices NO LESS THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.
      • If there are less than 30 days to the event, the form must include justification.
    • In the Commonwealth of Virginia, each jurisdiction may have their own regulations (e.g., the city of Haymarket is a separate jurisdiction than Prince William county). Some jurisdictions require inspections by third parties who are authorized to set their own fees.
    • Some locations may require proof of liability insurance. That will require a proof of coverage letter for current coverage. Click here for an example (2019-2020 March). [Council main office is the single authoritative source for current coverage.]
  4. Ensure you have at least one qualified climb master and at least one qualified climbing assistant.
    • According to National Camp Standards (430-056-National_Camp_Standards-2019), Staff Qualification and Training Standards (SQ-409), a minimum of two (2) trained people are required, at least one is an adult (at least 21 yo). The other may be a Climbing Instructor in Training (IIT) or a COPE IIT; minimum age of 16. [Note: an IIT has attended Foundations and Level 1 training for either Climbing or COPE, and has successfully passed an evaluation.]
    • NCAP Circular #8 now requires climb masters to have had training recommended by the manufacturer (i.e., Spectrum Sports International). At this time, Spectrum Sports is developing on-line training which may be available at no cost, but access is controlled by Spectrum Sports, Intl. If you need the training, please follow the instructions below under “Scouterhorn Training” below. The committee does not currently have authority to replace this training nor permission to offer an alternative.
    • Generally, you are qualified if you can calmly effect a rescue of a climber in distress when all about you are demanding immediate action. Training is not a substitute for critical thinking, leadership, or good judgement.

Please understand a few things:

Scouterhorn Training

Training Dates