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Climbing/C.O.P.E. Program Manager Corner

Welcome to our site for your Climbing and COPE programs. Our goal is to be your preferred source for information on the BSA climbing program and Project COPE. We seek to help you answer questions like “Who can help me?”, “How can I get training to help my unit?”, and “What are these programs and why should I be interested?”

NCAC Climbing Program
My name is James Miller, Chair of the National Capital Area Council Climbing Committee. Let me welcome you to the NCAC Climbing where you can meet climbing instructors or get trained yourself, learn about rock climbing, practice requirements for climbing merit badge, and even get tips for planning your next climbing campout outing.

The goal of the NCAC Climbing Training program is to ensure that everyone interested in climbing has an opportunity to receive training and support necessary to achieve the goals of the BSA climbing program. We strive to foster the same friendly supportive environment we bring to youth programs in all our efforts, with the goal of empowering qualified individuals to succeed and share the challenge, excitement and joy of rock climbing with BSA participants. We are here to help and mentor, learn together, sweat together, and climb together!

James Miller

NCAC Challenge Course (COPE) Program
What makes COPE “special”? How is COPE different than traditional high adventure activities (e.g., Aquatics, Shooting, ATVs)?

In summary, COPE is practice for life. It includes opportunity for personal assessment. Other High Adventure venues will give you memories and mementos, but COPE will give you insights and tools you can use at home, at school, at work throughout your life.

As the Program Manager for the COPE project in NCAC, I’d like to hear from you, our customers.
What can our staff do for you, your unit, and your unit leaders?
—Tony Waisanen