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Wish List

If you have any of the items below, please consider donating them to our council camps. It will not only help our camps, but could be a tax deduction for you too! Please know that the camps are not generally able to transport donations, so if you are able to donate we’d ask that you bring the items to the camp you wish to donate it to.

Goshen Scout Reservation

Please contact Phil Barbash at (301) 214-9195 if you are able to contribute any of the following:

  1. Generators of any size
  2. Large scale lawn mowers (E.G.Dixie choppers)
  3. Refrigerators
  4. Post hole diggers
  5. Any variation of well kept Shooting Sports Equipment
  6. Weed Whackers
  7. Used Vehicles in semi-workable condition (preferably 4 wheel drive).
  8. Used exercise equipment
  9. Canoes/Rowboats/Sail boats

Camp William B. Snyder

Please contact Michael Snowden at (703) 867-0525 if you are able to contribute any of the following:

  1. Vehicle in operating condition, preferably a truck, van, or UTV type.
  2. Canoes or paddle boats in good working condition.
  3. Weed Whackers, in operating condition.
  4. Loppers, trimmers, and small hand saws for trail maintenance.
  5. Working Amateur Radio equipment.