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Council Committees

Camp Properties – Property Administration

Property Administration includes collecting information about our camp properties, developing policies, planning, and budgets.

Camp or Program Task/Project Description Status
All Camps Develop and maintain inventory and maps of all properties, structures, major equipment, and other assets in our camp properties. Ongoing
All Camps Develop a schedule of all recurring maintenance for structures, systems, grounds, and equipment. Ongoing
All Camps Develop a prioritized “To Do” list of overdue maintenance, non-emergency repairs, structures and equipment to be replaced, and obsolete or unusable structures and equipment to be removed.
All Camps Develop a prioritized list of desired camp improvements, including upgrades to existing structures, systems, and equipment, and new structures, systems, and equipment.
All Camps Using the prioritized list of desired camp improvements, develop a capital improvements “wish list” of facilities and improvements that can be financed by donors.
Camp to be selected Test-market a small donors facilities “adoption” program, with proceeds to go to facilities maintenance.
All Camps Develop a policy on use of dining hall kitchens. First draft distributed for comment
All Camps Develop a policy on camp capacity and overflow.
All Camps Develop camp appearance standards. First draft for Goshen distributed for comment
Goshen Scout Reservation Develop a plan/policy for flush toilets at Goshen camps.
Camp Post Develop a policy for use of Gray’s Lodge.
Camp Snyder Develop a policy to help reduce wear and tear on Camp Snyder cabins.
Camp Marriott Evaluate the use of the mobile kitchen at Camp Marriott versus building a permanent kitchen at Camp Marriott.
Camp Marriott Evaluate the placement and hookups for the mobile kitchen at Camp Marriott.
Camp Bowman Evaluate the adequacy of the Camp Bowman staff kitchen.
Lenhok’sin High Adventure Evaluate the adequacy of Camp Baird to host the Lenhok’sin High Adventure program, including expanded high adventure offerings.  Based on the program’s facilities needs, evaluate the cost of improvements to Camp Baird versus relocating the program to another Goshen camp that already has improved facilities.
Camp Marriott Working with the STEM committee, develop a plan to rehabilitate the Ecology area at Camp Marriott, The plan should encompass merit badge program shelters and storage facilities.
Camp Snyder Evaluate the layout and adequacy of Carroll’s Cottage to meet the needs of Camp Snyder and NCAC.
Camp Snyder Evaluate options for adding campsites to increase off-season camping capacity at Camp Snyder.
All Camps Develop the facilities components of the strategic plans for each camp.
All Camps Develop the annual facilities goals for the Continuous Camp Improvement Program.