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Commissioner Support to Exploring


Welcome to Commissioner Support to the Exploring Program

In NCAC, the role of the Exploring Service team has been assumed by the Commissioner Corps.  This page is intended to provide tools and resources to assist Commissioners assisting Explorer Posts and Clubs in carrying out their responsibilities

Exploring Service Tools

Commissioner Tools now support Exploring Units.  The NCAC Exploring Service Tools have been retired.

Exploring Training for Commissioners

Recommend that Commissioners providing Exploring unit support take the Exploring specific version of Youth Protection Training.

An addendum to Commissioner Basic Training discussing Commissioner Support to Exploring Units is posted here.

A Master’s track elective on Exploring support will again be offered in the 2017 College of Commissioner Science

Online training specific to Commissioners providing Exploring unit support is under development by National, and should be available by mid-2017. This will include info on the differences between commissioner support and the Exploring Service Team.

Online Exploring Service Team modules are available now at ScoutingU. Recommend the following three curricula be taken:


JTE (Journey to Excellence) Scorecard

The Journey to Excellence program is a method to develop and maintain a quality program. Posts can earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold recognition. Refer to this scorecard throughout the year to monitor progress, and submit with your Post renewal paperwork.

Explorer Post Renewal

Notice:  The 2020 Membership Fees have been changed.  The new fees are:

Read the 2020 Membership Fee Changes FAQ for further information.  Other NCAC Rechartering information is being updated.  Check back often for updates.

***Note:  Exploring Renewal has shifted from the Online Exploring Renewal application to BSA’s Internet Rechartering Application for all units renewing after October 1, 2019. ***

For Internet Rechartering, Click here

The 2018-2019 Exploring Renewal Guide is your guide to the annual recharter process. With the assistance of your unit commissioner, this book will lead your unit step by step through renewing the registration of your unit.

2019-2020 Charter Renewal Handbook (PDF-1-page per sheet-1160 KB) New

Online Explorer Renewal Instructions New

Exploring Renewal Forms

Additional information is located on the NCAC Charter Renewal Support page.

Exploring Resources

See the new, enhanced Exploring web site, for Exploring resources.

Service Hours Reporting

The Service Hours Reporting website is located here.