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NCAC Outstanding Commissioner Award



The NCAC Outstanding Commissioner Council Shoulder Patch (CSP) shall be awarded to unit commissioners, administrative commissioners, and/or roundtable commissioners who render outstanding commissioner service beyond the expectations of their position-specific areas of responsibility.

Recipient Minimum Qualifications

  1. Currently registered and serving as an active commissioner in NCAC for at least one year.
  2. Have earned the Arrowhead Honor (in any position or council).


The NCAC Outstanding Commissioner CSP may be awarded annually, following the council annual meeting, to as many as 10% of the commissioners (rounded to the next whole number) in the categories indicated below. Awarding authorities may make the award in categories below those indicated in consultation with District Commissioners and keeping within the 10% limit for any category.

Category Awarding Authority
Council Commissioner NCAC Commissioner Staff Advisor
Mack Award Recipients Council Commissioner
Assistant Council Commissioners Council Commissioner
District Commissioners Assistant Council Commissioners
Deputy District Commissioners, Assistant District Commissioners, Roundtable Commissioners, Unit Commissioners District Commissioners

The award may be presented anytime during the year.

  1. Unused awards from the preceding year will NOT be banked, as measured with the start of a new Scout year commencing with the NCAC annual meeting.
  2. Awarding authorities should request the award(s) from the NCAC Commissioner Staff Advisor not less than 15 days prior to the desired award date.
  3. By number, the Council Commissioner will keep a log of all NCAC Outstanding Commissioner recipients and awarding authority.