Come check out the Colonial District Venturing Crews where you can have fun, test your limits, make a difference, and make new friends!

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Venturing Officers Association

The purpose of the Venturing Officers’ Association (VOA) is to provide support and guidance to maintain and grow the Venturing program. VOAs collaborate with other committees in providing training for Venturers and Advisors, programming for crews, and monthly or quarterly forums to bring together youth and Advisors.

What is a Venturing Officers’ Association? A team of officers (youth president and vice presidents for administration, program, and communication) supported by an Advisor, keeps the VOA organized. This forum provides a voice for youth to help strengthen the Venturing program. A VOA holds several meetings during the year and hosts a few events that help to bring the crews, districts, councils, or areas together. Each event may have a different goal: training, adventure, recognition, fun—or all of the above.

How Do VOAs Operate? VOAs operate in many ways like a crew does. A crew plans activities that are fun and of interest to the members of the crew. A crew plans activities that build a well-balanced program of adventure, leadership, and service. The VOA does the same things, but it offers a program and leadership opportunities that extend beyond an individual crew. And VOAs, like your crew, make sure that everyone has fun as a key part of the program.

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VOA Unit Flyer

Venturing Training

Colonial District’s Venturing Training Program has a goal of having EVERYONE trained for their position.  And with online training this is very convenient and there is no reason the Venturing Training program can’t reach their goal.

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Contact the Venturing Officers Association Adviser for more information:

Jennifer Allred