Religious Programs

February is just around the corner, and that means Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath, and BSA’s birthday too!  With the Scouting holiday trifecta quickly approaching, here are the dates and details for these BSA celebrations for 2017.

Scout Sunday falls on February 5th this year, followed by BSA’s 107th anniversary on February 8th, and then Scout Sabbath on February 11th.

As you may know, Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath are days set aside to honor the relationships between Scouts and their charter organizations. Each organization is unique, so the ways Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath are celebrated might also be unique. You might celebrate by wearing the field service uniform to your place of worship, while a troop across town teams up for a service project.

Feb. 12, 2017-Scout Sunday Recognition Service for those who earned Protestant Religious Emblems in 2016

All Units need to have someone trained for their religious programs. The God & Country/PRAY/REC training is coming up March 11, 2017.  More details will be provided soon.  Please contact Mary Elizabeth Castles for more information.

After completing your Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath celebrations, please be sure to record your service on the JTE Service Hours website.

The National Capital Area Council is actively looking for a Chaplain for Goshen for summer camp and several for the 50th Anniversary weekend services.  Contact them if interested.