Lion Cubs

As you may have heard the National Capital Area Council has joined in the national pilot of the Lion Cub program and has asked that the districts interested in participating identify several Cub Packs to participate in the pilot.

We are sure that almost every Cub Pack in the Colonial District would be willing to participate in the program, we have been asked to limit participation during the pilot period.  The Council has indicated that the interested units should complete an application and that the districts should be responsible for that process as well as the selection criteria to be used in the selection.

Once the application has been submitted – approved and the Pack receives the green light to GO  – you will need to have your Lion Guide identified – trained and ready to go…

Pack Application- CD Lion Pilot Program

Lion Pilot Pack Selection Criteria

Click here for more information about the Lion’s Program: Lion’s program

We have two Lion Coordinators for the Colonial District…

Jeff Downs –

Larry Hourcle –

These will be your go to folks… they will be gathering intel – compiling lists – working with each Pack –

They are both volunteers – like you – and want to make this program a BIG success – teamwork is the our goal…

  • In Lions, you’ll find the familiar concepts of character development, leadership skills, personal fitness and citizenship weaved into activities that are age-appropriate and fun.
  • “Adventures,” which are themed sets of activities and experiences, will help families explore the world around them.
  • Lions will form into dens of six to eight boys. Parents will serve as “Lion Guides.”
  • When completing an adventure, a Lion will earn an “adventure sticker” for his Lion Adventure Book.
  • Instead of the blue button-up uniform, Lions will love wearing their very own Lion T-shirt. The shirts will be available at Scout Shops in councils that are piloting the Lion program. Lions won’t wear the Cub Scout uniform until they are old enough to officially transition into Cub Scouting as a Tiger.
  • Lion dens may be invited to some pack meetings, but Scouters should make sure any meetings the Lions attend include age-appropriate activities.
  • At the end of the kindergarten year, Lions will graduate into Cub Scouting as Tigers, where even more fun and adventure await.

Contact Linda Hill at for more details.