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Welcome to the Colonial District Membership Page

The Membership committee is charged with promoting membership across our district and working with the NCAC to promote membership across the region. We do this through a combination of new member events like Join Scouting Night and  member retention efforts like rechartering.

Colonial District Membership Contacts

Geoffrey Thomas, District Executive | (301) 214-9122
Linda Hill, Colonial Membership Director | (703) 370-6641

Interested in joining a Scouting unit in Colonial? Our units are ready to welcome you!

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your zip code and select the Scouting program(s) for you and/or your child.
  3. Click “Find and Apply.”
    1. A list of Scouting units will appear in order from distance to your zip code.
    2. Contact the unit’s point-of-contact via their listed phone and/or email. If a unit takes longer than three business days to respond, please reach out to Linda Hill, Colonial’s Membership Chairman, and/or Geoff Thomas, Colonial’s District Executive.

For Units: Colonial District’s Membership Tool Kit

The Colonial District’s Membership Tool Kit is designed so you’ll find everything you need to recruit and register Scouts all in one place.

The Membership Tool Kit is organized into the following folders for your convenience:

Applications: Applications for youth and adults, BSA medical forms, position codes and position descriptions. Click HERE to access the Applications tool kit.

General resources: Documents for each of BSA’s programs. Click HERE to access the General Resources Toolkit.

Join Scouting Night Tool kits: Recruiting resources for each type of program, including applications and medical forms, flyers and brochures, parent handouts and other helpful resources. Click HERE to access the Join Scouting Night Toolkit.

New Unit Creation: The Charter Agreement, New Unit Application, Custom Unit Number Form, Flag Form, and applications for youth and adults. Click HERE to access the New Unit Creation Toolkit.

Common mistakes to avoid when turning in applications:

Missing signatures and/or initials
Missing unit type and number
Missing Social Security Number (adult applications)
Missing position code / position description (adult applications)
Missing YPT certificate (adult applications)

Missing BSA ID number (For “multiple” and/or “transfer” applications)
Missing signed disclosure form (background check on adult applications)
Missing references (adult applications)
Applications are illegible

Questions on these items such as position codes and descriptions can be directed to Linda Hill or Geoff Thomas.