Welcome to the Colonial District Membership Page

Contact:  Linda Hill, Vice Chair for Membership


The Membership committee is charged with promoting membership across our district and working with the NCAC to promote membership across the region. We do this through a combination of new member events like Join Scouting Night and current member retention efforts like rechartering.   We work closely with commissioners and scout leaders to promote Scouting whenever possible.
Materials supporting the membership program will be located in the library below.  If you have materials that you’ve used on your membership activities, please post below — we all benefit from each others hard work.  Also, here are a few links that you might find interesting related to membership.

We need your help in promoting our organization and the fine work we do.   Please be sure that your pin on is kept current, recruit whenever and wherever, be that cheerleader for this thing called Scouting and the opportunities offered to our youth.

Thank you for all you do and will do to make this a GREAT SCOUTING YEAR!!

Linda Hill