District Contacts

Colonial District Organization And Contact Information

District Key Three

The District Key 3 work together to lead the District
You may email a listed contact by clicking on their name.

District Chairman Keith Gray
District Commissioner Sasha Loftin
District Executive Geoffrey Thomas
Nominating Committee Chair 
Reports to the District Chair
Chris Marston

District Committee

The District Chairman and several Vice-Chairs lead the District Committee. Vice-Chairs have both committees and scouters with individual responsibilities that report to them.

Activities & Civic Service Committee


  • Civic Service
  • District Dinner
Keith Gray
  • Merit Badge Jamboree
Chris Marston
  • Pinewood Derby
Scott Preston
  • Camporee
Paul MacDonald
(202) 669-0918
  • Scouting for Food
Vince Kiernan


Keith Byron, Chair

Keith is responsible for maintaining the District calendar. Please submit date changes to him to ensure Colonial events do not conflict with Council events.

Advancement & Recognition


Terry Gigure

  • Eagle Boards of Review
Terry Gigure
  • Eagle Package Review
Sue King
  • Heroism Awards
Keith Gray
  • Merit Badge Dean
Chris Holmes
  • STEM Team
Maki Kato
  • Special needs Coordinator
Melinda Ashton
  • Scouter Recognition
Dominick Caridi
(703) 625-4196
  • Religious Emblem Coordinator (Protestant)
Mary Elizabeth Castles
(703) 765-0855
  • Religious Emblem Coordinator (Catholic)
Mark Kramer
  • Religious Emblem Coordinator (Jewish)
Todd Bolick
  • Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor
Vince Kiernan

Camping & Outdoor Committee


  • Day Camp
Rick Pitterle



Rob Sumner, Vice-Chair

  • Scouters Digest Article; Local Media
Rob Sumner
  • Social Media
Joanna Pineda

Finance Committee

John Mirvish, Vice-Chair

  • Friends of Scouting (Family)
John Mirvish
  • Friends of Scouting (District Scouters)
Keith Gray
  • Friends of Scouting (Community Campaign)
Tony Burchard
  • Friends of Scouting (LDS)
Nick Empey
  • Popcorn Kernel
Nicole Gray
  • Endowment
Linda Hill
(703) 370-6641


Linda Hill
(703) 370-6641

  • Join Scouting Night
Linda Hill
  • Spring Recruitment
Keith Byron
  • Webelos-to-Scout Transition
Keith Gray

 Program & Training Committee

Paul MacDonald
Program Vice-Chair
(202) 669-0918


Dominick Caridi
Training Chair
(703) 625-4196

  • Administration for Training
Linda Hobbs
  • Training Recognition
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills
Dominick Caridi
  • Cub Scout Leader Training; Den Chief Training
  • Boy Scout Leader Training
Dominick Caridi
  • Venture Leader Training
Dominick Caridi
  • Youth Leader Training
Dominick Caridi
  • Merit Badge Counselor Training
Chris Holmes
  • Health, Safety, & Risk Management
Jim Hellwege
(703) 766-2287
  • Religious Emblem Program
Mary Elizabeth Castles
(703) 765-0855

Risk Management

Jim Hellwege, Chair
(703) 768-2287

  • Trek Safety
Jim Hellwege
(703) 768-2287
  • Shooting Sports
Demi Pulas
  • International Scouting
Will Rodger


Jennifer Allred, Chair
(703) 329-3183

Venturing Officers Association Advisor

Commissioner Service

The Commissioner Service provides direct unit support by working closely with unit leadership and running the Roundtable program.

Assistant District Commissioners

Area 1 – City of Alexanria Linda Hill
(703) 370-6641
Area 2 – Fairfax County Sasha Loftin
Area 3 – Fairfax County Sasha Loftin
Area 4 – LDS Cub Scout Packs Ruth McCormick
Area 5 – LDS Troops Lincoln Essig
Training Jeff Schweiger
New Unit Support Joe Pallone

Roundtable Commissioners

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Burt Wagner
(571) 249-3483
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Mark Grapin
(703) 307-8725
Venturing Forum Commissioner Jennifer Allred