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Cub Scout Day Camp 2017

Heads up!  Plan now!

Get ready for

Cub Scout Day Camp

“Bug Hunters”

June 26-30, 2017

at Gunston Hall

VFD-CS Day Camp 2016

Day Camp is a week-long outdoor fun experience specifically designed for Cubs.

Who can attend?  Every registered Cub.  Boys who are in kindergarten now can register as Cubs at the end of the school year and register for camp at the reduced rate.

Click HERE to register for Day Camp!


What are the adult commitments?  Each pack provdes one adult (called a “Den Walker”) for every five campers each day.  Can be different adults every day.  Each Tiger must have an adult partner each day.  Adults can also volunteer to serve on staff and run activities.

Great Deals!

Camperships are available based on financial need and all requests are kept strictly confidential.  Go to the link below to find the guidelines and application form.

Need more info?  Our detailed SOP will come out soon but in the meantime you can find forms, policies, and how to register by searching “NCAC CUB DAY CAMP” or going to

CS Day Camp

A promotional flyer for Day Camp 2017 is available HERE.

Download the 2017 Day Camp Coordinator Handbook.

For Packs and parents, the Day Camp Information Guide is available here online.