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Klondike Derby

Klondike Derby (Scouts BSA, Venturing BSA, Sea Scouts BSA):

The Klondike Derby is an annual winter event based on the heritage of the Klondike Gold Rush. There are several stations where patrols must test their Scoutcraft skills and leadership abilities, earning points towards a total score.

Every patrol must transport their gear and equipment on a homemade sled pulled by the Scout participants.

WHEN: Saturday February 8, 2020

• The Patrol Method on sleds
• First Aid, Pioneering, Camping, Orienteering and other skill challenges
• Test your skills, your mettle and your leadership
• Experience Living History Yukon Style
• Friday and/or Saturday night Camping Option
• Is your Patrol up to the Klondike challenge?
• Watch chainemail for updates

Please contact Rob Faris