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District Pinewood Derby

District Pinewood Derby (Cub Scouts BSA):
The pinewood derby is a racing event for unpowered, unmanned miniature cars. With the help of adults, Cub Scouts build their own cars from wood, usually from kits containing a block of pine wood, plastic wheels, and metal axles.

The track usually has two to eight lanes and slopes down to the ground, since the cars are powered by gravity. The race is run in heats, giving every car the chance to run on each lane. The racers can be grouped with others from the same rank (Tiger Cubs, Wolf Cubs, Bear Cubs, etc.).

First, second, and third-place winners usually receive ribbons, medals, or trophies. There are also awards on the basis of car design or styling.

2020 Pinewood Derby Information

Chain Bridge District will host our annual District Pinewood Derby on Saturday, March 21, 2020, from 12 PM until 6 PM, at the Parish Hall at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, 800 23rd Street South, Arlington, VA 22202 (on the corner of South Hayes Street).  There will be lots of engines revving and cheers flying as the winners from each of our Packs compete for the district championship! There is a speed competition, as well as a best design competition for any scouts who didn’t qualify for the speed competition but still designed a great looking car!

The Derby is open to all Chain Bridge District packs, but each pack (including packs with multiple dens for each rank level or for female cubs) may only register one representative from each Rank level (Arrow of Light Cubs, Webelos, Bear, Wolf, Tiger and Lions) (not one from each den).   There are 2 steps:

1) Each Pack must identify a single Pinewood Derby Coordinator. This person must register by Monday, February 10th by filling out this Google Form.

2) Pre-registration of racers is required and must be completed by Monday, March 9th by each Pack’s Pinewood Derby Coordinator.  To pre-register, the Pack’s Pinewood Derby Coordinator should fill out the Google Form Race Registration page.

No registrations will be accepted after Monday, March 9th.  Each of the Cub Scout Packs in the District may only enter one Scout in each Rank Division. While that is a maximum of 6 per Pack, only 1 scout per rank (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos and Arrow of Light) may be registered. Typically this is the division winner for each Rank from your Pack Pinewood Derby.  Scout registrations for the Derby will only be accepted from the registered Pack Race Coordinator (NOT INDIVIDUAL PARENTS – if parents attempt, they will be directed back to the Cubmaster or the Pack Race Coordinator), so this is a key step.  

We strongly encourage all Packs to run their races according to the District Rules, especially with respect to car construction.  If you choose to run your races under different rules, please make sure your Pack’s scouts understand the district rules are different!  It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that Pack Coordinators ensure that every cub (and more importantly, cub parent) that goes to the Districts has read both IN ADVANCE of race day!

FOR THE DESIGN COMPETITION ONLY: Packs are not required to pre-register, nor provide a $10 entry fee for Design Competition competitors ONLY. Packs may also send as many scouts at each Rank level as desired for the Design Competition ONLY – unlike the speed competition, there is no limit of one per Rank.

Please contact Joe Mazel, Race Coordinator, at, if you have any questions.


2020 Pinewood Derby Rules
2020 Pinewood Derby Information Sheet