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Camp Card FAQs

Camp Card FAQs

Need answers to you Camp Card questions? You’ve come to the right place!

1. The Camp Card is $5.00. What is the break down on where the money goes?

The commission plan is 50% if closed out by May Roundtable or by May 15th. Your unit retains $2.50 per card sold. The other $2.50 per card is turned in to the council via Roundtable, mail, or visiting the service center. The council pays for the production of the cards and the securing of the coupons and has the associated risk of unsold cards.

2. One of the Scouts said he lost the cards? What do we do?

Due to the production costs of the cards and securing the vendors, we need to assume that the cards are used or sold. We only collect $2.50 per card that is considered lost. Please collect the $2.50 from the family.

3. Are there any prizes or patches?

Our goal is to keep this sale really simple. We want to maximize the return to the unit and the council. If desired, you can establish an incentive in your unit. The card is designed to help offset camp fees for the Scouts and that takes actual cash.

4. Can I sell in front of the stores listed on the card?

The stores listed on the camp card always like new customers in addition to their existing ones. Please consider other places to sell them before approaching the stores. When you approach the store, please work with the manager and respect their answer. Many will say yes. Some may indicate that the property does not permit sales.

5. Can my family buy $100 worth and use the coupons? It seems too good to be true?
Yes, as a family, you can buy the cards for your own use and use the coupons. Yes, it seems funny that you spend $100 and get more back over time, but that is how we set the price point. We wanted to make it a win-win all around. Your family can recoup the cost of the cards in a few visits to the stores listed.

6. Can another youth group sell these cards? Or only Scouts?

These cards can be sold by any group that is officially chartered by the BSA or an Explorer Post. Other groups cannot sell them and we will not issue the cards to them.

7. How do we get more cards? They are selling fast.

Please contact to request more cards. You will be requested to turn in the funds associated with your initial order so you can pick up more. The reason for this is because the success of the sale comes down to available inventory and motivated sellers. If Camp Cards are locked up in someone’s trunk and turned in later, no one benefitted. Additional cards can be relayed through your district executive, mailed if needed, or picked up directly at the service center.

8. Can adults sell the cards too?

Yes, please help your own Scouts by selling the cards at work, school, and your place of worship. Each friend should see the value in the $5 camp card and getting their $5 right back. Encourage them to by multiples. The cards are good all year.

9. I heard some other supermarkets may accept the Safeway coupon. Is this true?

Some retailers DO accept other retailer coupons, some do not. You can always try, but avoid making this a selling point to the consumer.

10. Can we wear uniforms to sell the Camp Card?

Yes, since it is a council level money earning project, you are permitted to wear the BSA uniform. Popcorn and Camp Cards are the only council level approved money earning projects. All other projects must have approval to wear the uniform.

11. For the $2.50 that is retained as a unit commission, where does that go?

It is essential that the unit committee establish how camp fees will be offset by the sale of Camp Cards. Most groups use it to lower everyone’s cost by paying a portion of fees. The front of the card indicates that the overall Scout unit benefits, not just one person. This $2.50 does not have to be used for camp but can be used for anything Scouting related.

12. Can we sell the card for a different amount?

The front of the card says “Just $5”, so your customers may lose confidence in you and the product. Please do not discount the card or sell it for above the asking price. The price point has been proven in other nationwide sales to be on target with the discounts offered.

13. Do we have to sell only one type of card or can we sell a bit of both?

You are free to sell one type of card or some of each. (Safeway card or Harris Teeter card).

14. What vendors are on the card?

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