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District Merit Badge Counselor process


The Process to become a Merit Badge Counselor

Scouts in Boy Scout Troops can learn about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers as you earn merit badges. There are 135 merit badges in 14 subject areas are:

A good starting point with understanding the merit badge program is to view all the current merit badges offered They are available HERE.

Merit Badges are an important part of the advancement process in scouting. The “mechanics” of advancement is covered in section 4 of the 2019 Guide to Advancement. An understanding of the four steps in Boy Scout advancement is critical to the process.

  1. The Scout learns.
  2. The Scout is tested.
  3. The Scout is reviewed.
  4. The Scout is recognized

It is in going through the steps that a scout learns to master a skill. Merit badge counselors are directly involved in the first two steps. The merit badge counselor assesses the Scout’s knowledge to ensure he has completed all the required work.

A listing of current Bull Run District Merit Badge Counselors is available by clicking on the following: Bull Run District Merit Badge Counselors.  Unit leaders must contact to obtain the password to unlock this file.

You can also get current updates, resources and news about merit badges HERE. To see the requirements, changes and general information for Merit Badge management use these sites:

The merit badge counselor assesses the Scout’s knowledge to ensure he has completed all the required work—no more, and no less. You may not add to, delete from, or modify the merit badge requirements in any way.

The Application Process
The process to become a merit badge counselor in Bull Run District has three basic steps:

  1. Complete and submit an adult application. There is no registration fee to become a merit badge counselor and use code “42” for the position code.
  2. Complete a Merit Badge Counselor Application (form 34405)
  3. Provide Proof that you have completed Youth Protection within the past two years. You can do this by logging into your My Scouting account, eLearning section and select “View Certificate”, then print the certificate.If you have not taken Youth Protection Training within the past 2 years, you can take it HERE.

Make sure you submit a copy of the certificate or pocket card with your application to be a Merit Badge Counselor.

YP2YrOnce all these forms are completed, you can submit your forms to the Bull Run District Merit Badge Coordinator at any District Roundtable or email  All three forms (application, YPT certificate, MB counselor application, with extra application sheets if the desired MBs don’t fit on one sheet) must be included. If you want to add or remove a MB once you are a counselor, you only need to submit a completed MB Counselor application to make the change.

Certain Merit Badges have required third party qualifications that are need to be a Counselor in the topic. A list (08/2014) of all merit badges and the requirements for certain topics and the additional requirements of counselors can be downloaded from HERE.