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The Eagle Process



The Eagle Process

Scouts who are ready to start their Eagle Project should email with their name, unit number, and desired beneficiary to be assigned a District Eagle Representative (DER). This email should be sent by the Scout, not their parent, but please remind Scouts to cc: one or both of their parents and whoever their unit asks that they include (Scoutmaster, Advancement Chair, Committee Chair, etc.). Scouts will then be assigned a DER. While most Scouts will do this when they are ready or nearly ready to have their project proposal signed, Scouts may make the request at any time after earning Life. If a Scout needs help finding a project beyond what their unit is providing, they may email to ask for a DER to help them.

There has been some confusion regarding titles for adults involved in the Life-to-Eagle process. For clarity, these are the correct terms, which should be used going forward. While it will initially be a bit confusing for those who have been involved in the process for awhile to remember that “Advisors” are now at the Unit level, not District, the end result will be that we are using the standard terms in the standard way.

    1. The District Eagle Representative is the “District Eagle Representative” or DER. No Scouter may be DER for any youth in any unit they are registered with. This is the person the Eagle Scout Project Workbook refers to as the District Project Approval Rep.
    2. The person within a unit assigned to help a Scout with their entire Life-to-Eagle journey is their Eagle Advisor. They are not required to be registered with that unit but must be a registered Scouter with current YPT and they may be the unit Advancement Chair/Coordinator.
    3. An Eagle Coach is a registered BSA adult with current YPT and a subject-matter expert helping a youth with a specific aspect of their project, but not with the entire Life-to-Eagle journey. For example, a carpenter might be an Eagle Coach for a youth building an ADA-compliant ramp into a building. Both the DER and Eagle Advisor are involved in the Life-to-Eagle Journey even after the youth finishes their Eagle Project.

In the past, each unit has had a DER assigned to them and all youth in the unit had the same one. Like the rest of us, DERs have times they are more or less busy. This new system allows them to advise more or less youth based on what they, personally, can handle at any point in time. It also allows us to have DERs who take all the projects related to specific beneficiaries, like the Manassas Battlefield, so they really get to know their processes well.

Fundraising applications should be submitted to our DE, Jessica Curtis for council approval instead of being sent to Council. They do not need to be submitted before the initial project proposal (and the project proposal should not be held up waiting for fundraising to be approved) but do, obviously, need to be submitted and approved before the fundraising happens.

Life-to-Eagle Training

Life-to-Eagle training that is offered four times a year on the first Wednesday of March, June, September & December. Check the district online calendar for the location and time of each session. In addition to offering you a chance to ask questions, those sessions will help explain some of the nuances of the Eagle Scout application and project approval process. Don’t miss it!

An outline of the NCAC process and informational links for the Eagle Scout Application process can be found at

Location of Current Forms

Current links to the Eagle Scout Application (512-728) and Service Project Worksheets (512-927), plus other advancement related resources can be found at:

The Eagle Scout Service Workbook links for a Windows PC or Mac can be found at:

Please note that the January 2019 version of this notebook has a bug that prevents numbers from saving in a required table. A newer version has reportedly resolved that bug.