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Bull Run District

Bull Run District has a wide selection of Scout Units across all program areas.

bsacubs Cub Scout Packs for boys in 1st through 5th Grades
bsatroop Boy Scout Troops for boys age 10*-17.
bsaventure Venturing Crews for girls and boys age 13*-20.
bsaseascout Sea Scout Ships for girls and boys age 13*-20.
bsaexploringExploring Posts for girls and boys age 13*-20. (Coming Soon)

*Must be 14 or 13 and finished the 8th grade.  Youth become program adults on their 18th or 21st birthdays, respectively.


Bull Run District Unit Directory 051518


Cub Scout Packs

Unit Name Email
Pack 0028 Glenkirk Elementary School
Pack 0028 CM George Fulda
Pack 0030 Tyler Elementary School
Pack 0030 CM John Emmett
Pack 0042 PTO at Buckland Mills Elementary School
Pack 0042 CM Chris Dixon
Pack 0091 Holy Trinity Parrish
Pack 0091 CM Bryan Hall
Pack 0107 American Legion Post 1799
Pack 0107 CM Audrey Pfeiffer
Pack 0555 Buckhall United Methodist Church
Pack 0555 CM James Mawby
Pack 0858 Victory Elementary School
Pack 0858 CM Bryan Wenzel
Pack 1174 LDS Tall Cedars
Pack 1174 CM Michael Galbraith
Pack 1188 All Saints Church
Pack 1188 CM John Rotter
Pack 1194 Nokesville Elementary PTA
Pack 1194 CM Ken Davidson
Pack 1195 Marshall Elementary PTO
Pack 1195 CM Jason Bock
Pack 1196 Coles Elementary School PTO
Pack 1196 CM Tony Cappizzi
Pack 1204 Park West Lions Club
Pack 1204 CM Mike Mostoller
Pack 1343 Piney Branch Elementary School
Pack 1343 CM Travis Ludvigson
Pack 1355 Bennett Elementary School PTO
Pack 1355 CM Brian Albers
Pack 1360 LDS Gainesville Ward Centreville Stake
Pack 1360 CM Nichelle Divellbiss
Pack 1361 LDS Vint Hill Ward Centreville Stake
Pack 1361 CM Steffani Thomas
Pack 1362 LDS Manassas 1 Ward Centreville Stake
Pack 1362 CM Mitchell Thompson
Pack 1366 LDS Manassas 2 Ward Centreville Stake
Pack 1366 CM Nathaniel Haight
Pack 1368 LDS Haymarket Ward Centreville Stake
Pack 1368 CM Ben Taylor
Pack 1372 VFW Post 1811
Pack 1372 CM Michael Guidotti
Pack 1382 J W Alvey Elementary School
Pack 1382 CM Owen Alexander Murphy
Pack 1383 Bristow Run Elementary PTO
Pack 1383 CM Robert Dober
Pack 1384 Cedar Point Elementary School
Pack 1384 CM Jonathan Williams no contact info listed
Pack 1399 T. Clay Wood Elementary School none at this time
Pack 1399 CM None at this time (pending)
Pack 1831 Sudley Elementary School PTO
Pack 1831 CM Doug McLeod
Pack 1833 Mountain View Elementary
Pack 1833 CM Patrick Leary
Pack 1922 Linton Hall School
Pack 1922 CM Christian Farey

bsatroopBoy Scout Troops

Unit Name Email
Troop 0091 Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Troop 0091 SM Jeff Hunter
Troop 0226 Grace Life Community Church
Troop 0226 SM Larry Allen Moss
Troop 0326 LDS Tall Cedars
Troop 0326 SM Paul Sorensen
Troop 0554 Seton School
Troop 0554 Sm Patrick Reilly
Troop 0581 Gainesville United Methodist Church
Troop 0581 SM Jarrad T Kosa
Troop 0608 Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Troop 0608 SM Patrick John Kerner
Troop 0670 Grace United Methodist Church
Troop 0670 SM Mark Baron
Troop 0671 Church of the Brethren
Troop 0671 SM Ed Gray
Troop 0884 American Legion Post 10
Troop 0884 SM Phillip Kellogg
Troop 0924 Sudley United Methodist Church Men
Troop 0924 SM James (Jim) Helton
Troop 1174 LDS Tall Cedars Gainesville
Troop 1174 Kevin Harper
Troop 1182 Park West Lions Club
Troop 1182 SM John (Jack) Higgins
Troop 1185 Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church
Troop 1185 SM Inocencio Orta
Troop 1188 All Saints Church
Troop 1188 SM Thomas Patrick Reynolds
Troop 1195 Lake Jackson Vol Fire Department
Troop 1195 SM Matthew Stern
Troop 1196 Prince Of Peace United Methodist Church
Troop 1196 SM David Barrington Conrad
Troop 1360 LDS Gainesville Ward Centreville Stake
Troop 1360 SM Troy Smith
Troop 1361 LDS Vint Hill Ward Centreville Stake
Troop 1361 SM Kelly Josephson
Troop 1362 LDS Manassas 1 Ward Centreville Stake
Troop 1362 SM Aaron Gregory
Troop 1366 LDS Manassas 2 Ward Centreville Stake
Troop 1366 SM Kyle Malone
Troop 1368 LDS Haymarket Ward Centreville Stake
Troop 1368 SM Daniel Loveridge
Troop 1371 Buckhall United Methodist Church
Troop 1371 SM Sanjay Patel
Troop 1372 VFW Post 1811
Troop 1372 SM Kristopher Einar Gardner Sr
Troop 1833 Haymarket Masonic Lodge 313
Troop 1833 SM Bob Brandt
Troop 1882 The QBE Foundation
Troop 1882 SM Matthew J Gallagher
Troop 2717 Gainesville Presbyterian Church
Troop 2717 SM Charles Philip Lu


bsaventureVenturing Crews

Unit Name Email
Crew 0091 Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Crew 0091 A Daniel E Gogal
Crew 188 Kiwanis of the Manassas Battlefield
Crew 188 A Keegan M Wilkinson
Crew 0617 Park West Lions Club
Crew 0617 A Elizabeth Hoitt
Crew 0670 Grace United Methodist Church
Crew 0670 A Wally Skaja
Crew 1195 Lake Jackson Vol Fire Department
Crew 1195 A John D Cunningham
Crew 1372 VFW Post 1811
Crew 1372 A Matthew Messenger
Crew 1856 Gainesville United Methodist Church
Crew 1856 A Renee Ruth Strickland
Crew 3656 Gainesville Presbyterian Church
Crew 3656 A Wayne Yunghans


bsaseascoutSea Scout Ships

Ship 0100 Freedom Museum, Smithsonian
Ship 0100 SK Jonathan McDonald

District Committee

  • District Chair

    David Seitz

  • District Commissioner

    Matt Messenger

  • District Director

    Jessica Curtis