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54,366 Scouts earned Eagle Scout in 2015link


2018-19 Life to Eagle Conferences

Nationally there were 54,366 Eagle Scout Ranks awarded in 2015, which amounts to 6.57 percent of eligible Scouts completed their path to Eagle. The total is a 4.9 percent increase over last year’s Eagle Scout count (51,820) but 7.3 percent less than the all-time high of 58,659 in 2012.

The National Area Council had 1,420 scouts earn Eagle Scout in 2015. In Bull Run District, we had 56 scouts complete Eagle, having completed 12,415 community service hours through their service projects, the average BR scout recruited 221.70 service hours, estimated at $24.49/hour (National Value of Volunteer Time) for Virginia to be valued at $304,043. The average age of the new Eagle Scouts at the time of their Eagle Board of Review is 17 years old.

Life to Eagle Advisors

Bill Mayo
(703) 361-8533 District Eagle Advisor Coordinator
Name Phone  Units Assigned
 James Chaplin (703) 380-9631 T1371, T2712
 Ray Honore (703) 967-5823 T581, T924, C924, T1833, C1833
 Bill Mayo (703) 361-8533 S100, T670, C670, T671, T1182, T1185, T1188, C1188
T1360, Tm1360, C1360,  T1361, Tm1361, C1361, T1366, Tm1366, C1366, T1368, Tm1368, C1368
 Tony Padilla (703) 392-5230 T1362, Tm 1362, C1362
 Dave Russell (703) 361-9265 T1195, C1195
 Gene Lockhart (703) 361-3113 T91, C91, C617, C1370
 Mark Bishop (703) 594-3716 T608, T884
 Jeff Werling (703) 772-2095 T554, T1196
 Brad Sirstins (703) 331-5537 T226, T1372, C1372, T1882

T – Troop, Tm – Team, C – Crew & S -Ship

Life-to-Eagle Process Reminders (and FYIs)eagle_award

Life-to-Eagle Training

Please spread the word, and keep your eyes open for details on some district-level Life-to-Eagle training that will be provided in four times a year on the first Wednesday of March, June, September & December. Check the district online calendar for the location and time of each session. In addition to offering you a chance to ask questions, those sessions will help explain some of the nuances of the ‘new’ Guide to Advancement, and the manner in which NCAC will be implementing that, along with some district-specific stuff as well. Don’t miss it!

Pre-review of Eagle Scout Rank Applications

Council personnel have explained that there are still a surprisingly large number Eagle Scout Rank Applications (ESRAs) that are sent in to Council in ‘less than ideal condition’. Since the staff is so thin there, Council is asking district Eagle Advisers to conduct a preliminary review of the ESRAs – and to initial same – before the unit sends them into Council. This should cut down on the number of ESRAs that need to be modified and re-submitted.

An outline of the NCAC process and informational links for the Eagle Scout Application process can be found at

Location of Current Forms

Current links to the Eagle Scout Application (512-728) and Service Project Worksheets (512-927), plus other advancement related resources can be found at:

The Eagle Scout Service Workbook links for a Windows PC or Mac can be found at:


Advancement & Recognition

District Leadership Advancement and Recognition
Bill Mayo   (703) 272-1971