Your Gift of Scouting Provides Anna with More Family Time

This is Anna.

On Thanksgiving we remember how much we value time spent with our loved ones. And yet families today are busier than ever – more than one-third of parents say they spend too little free time with their kids! That’s why we introduced Family Scouting to offer entire families the opportunity to participate in activities and outings together. Families like Webelos Anna’s.

As Anna put it:

“When I first joined I knew it would be amazing because I saw what my brother’s meetings were like. But now I know that Scouting is even better than I thought it was it was going to be! Cub Scouts has so many opportunities for me to practice and share all the new skills I’ve learned, and what I like best about Scouting is that now it’s something we can do together as a family.”

Your support of Scouting over the past year has helped make stories like Anna’s possible. Now, as we prepare for #GivingTuesday, we ask that you become an ambassador for the program. Share Anna’s story with your friends who are deciding what causes to support. Encourage them to give the gift of Scouting this Holiday Season and help inspire more young people like Anna.