A True Story of Scouts In Action

This is Aiden.

Since 1911, thousands of Scouts have received the Honor Medal for using their skills someone’s life – Scouts like Sea Scout Aidan Wiecki. On an early morning trip with his fellow Sea Scouts, Aiden and friends witnessed a car crash. They pulled over, removed the driver and passenger from the wreckage, and administered first aid until emergency responders arrived.

As Aiden put it:

“I didn’t believe people would call what we did heroic because we were just doing the right thing. In the end we helped save two lives. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. A memory I keep with me to remind me to help other people at all times.”

Your support of Scouting over the past year has helped make stories like Aiden’s possible. Now, as we prepare for #GivingTuesday, we ask that you become an ambassador for the program. Share Aiden’s story with your friends who are deciding what causes to support. Encourage them to give the gift of Scouting this Holiday Season and help inspire more young people like Aiden.

Reposted from Boy’s Life, August 2016. 


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