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Trees Freed from Invasive Plants: Alan Brown’s Eagle Scout and Hornaday Project

October 22, 2018

Written by Alan Brown, Boy Scout in Troop 1849

On October 13 and 14, over forty volunteers cleared invasive plants from an area at South Run Park. The work was part of my Hornaday and Eagle Scout Project. In August I did an invasive plant species survey and also surveyed all of the native trees in the area. Over 85% of the trees in the area had invasive plants threatening them. I chose the work area because it was important to help the trees that were being choked by the invasive plants. We uncovered seven live trees that we did not find in the survey. They were so covered by the invasive plant we could not see them. We targeted Japanese Honeysuckle, Porcelain Berry, Multifloral Rose and Autumn and Russian Olive, but we removed all the invasive plants we found & filled 125 contractor bags!

Volunteers pulling invasive plants


Vegetation before removing invasive plants

More work needs to be done in the area and a wider area still needs to be cleared. Part of my Hornaday Project will be to monitor the area and continue to work to clear invasive plants.

Photo after removing invasive plants

A Hornaday Project is a conservation project that addresses a conservation need in an area. Hornaday Projects require research before a project begins and follow-up monitoring and work after the main work days. Click here for more information about Hornaday awards.