Climbing Instructor Level 2 Training 9/8/18 10/6/18 Registration Open!

Wow, summer goes by fast!  Before you realize you need to treat your clothes with more anti-insect juice it seems the fall is here with cooler temperatures (we can hope!), and more comfortable climbing!

Join the NCAC Climbing Committee trainers at Buzzards Rock for a weekend of climbing mentoring and fun.  To get started please review the course memo, complete a registration and assessment record selecting the 9/8 or 10/6 weekend, and start the online course at

Note the 10/6 weekend training will be held during the Inaugural Inter-Troop Fall Climb’aree. Interested Troops, Scouts and Scouters are also welcome to camp and climb with instructor candidates at the 9/8 event as well!  Contact the NCAC Climbing Committee for details