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Is Your Unit Getting the Most Out of

August 08, 2018 Is More Than Just an Application Portal

Parents do everything online. They shop and conduct business there. They use the internet to research all manner of goods and services from consumer reviews of products to where the best schools or tutoring programs can be found. With a few clicks of a mouse or a tap on a smartphone screen, seemingly just about anything is possible.

The website was developed with this convenience in mind. It provides a clean, easy-to-use portal for parents to quickly learn about Scouting and find out where and how to join a Unit, including yours (if your listing is activated, but more on that in a moment). With a simple zip code search, parents are presented with all of the Scouting Units in their area and given the option of learning more. But is your Unit using this marketing tool’s full potential? Have you activated or updated your Unit’s listing or “pin” on

What’s So Important About Our Unit’s Pin?

The pin gets its name from the pushpin like icon that shows your Unit’s location on‘s map. In short, if you want to be seen on Scouting’s map, you literally need to put a pin in it.

In addition to the basics, provides your Unit with the space to create a “mini billboard” of sorts. You can list your Unit’s website, social media links, and even put in a plug about the special culture of your Pack, Troop, Crew, or Post. Most importantly, you can also provide info on how to directly communicate with your Unit leadership. Making yourself available to answer questions or make introductions is an excellent opportunity to be available to show parents “still on the fence” about the program all of the benefits that come with being involved in Scouting. However, none of that is possible until your pin is activated and the information populated.

Ready to Get Started?

Upgrades to the website have made it faster and easier to use. While you’ll likely find your updates easy to make, the short videos below provide helpful guidance for both setting-up a new pin or updating and maintaining a current one, as well as specifics on activating your Family Scouting pin. When you’re ready to begin, visit, login, and go.

Special thanks to our friends at Lincoln Heritage Council and Michigan Crossroads Council for creating and sharing these video resources.


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Updating Your BeAScout Pin for Family Scouting

BeAScout Pin Update