Bear Visits on the Rise: Do Your Part to Keep Goshen Safe for All

“There’re bears at Goshen?”

Of course there’re bears at Goshen!  Goshen Scout Reservation is situated on the shores of scenic Lake Merriweather and nestled within 4,000 acres of pristine Appalachian highlands. All manner of mid-Atlantic wildlife can be found here, including a healthy population of North American black bears.

Shy by nature, encounters with these magnificent beasts are occasional at best, provided you practice good camp habits, employ tried and tested methods for dealing with an encounter, and are aware of your surroundings. If these practices are taken seriously, campers and counselors alike will continue to enjoy many more summers here—just as they have in the past—without incident.

Unfortunately, when campers are not diligent in their duty toward these practices, we see an uptick in nuisance “bear visits” to camp, as we have this year.

Bears have always been our neighbors here, and by Being Prepared with knowledge of their habits, good campsite management, and ways to deal with unexpected interactions, you will be doing your part to keep everyone—bears and people—safe from harm. Neglecting these rules and regulations is a recipe for disaster.

We’ve assembled materials to help you understand your responsibilities when camping and traveling in bear country. Study this package carefully, discuss the materials with your leaders, and practice what you find within so that you and everyone else at camp can fully enjoy all that the wilderness surrounding Goshen has to offer.

Keep Goshen Scouting safe for all. Be bear aware.