Get Ready for Family Scouting with Commissioner Jeff!

At our Family Scouting Webinar last month we had a very special guest from Baltimore Area Council – their Assistant Council Commissioner Jeff Seymour! Commissioner Jeff had a bunch of great tips for units thinking about getting started in Family Scouting and to help you get ready for the nationwide rollout next week, we wanted to share those with you here:


Like the Scout motto says, “Be Prepared!” Be sure you have taken these steps:

  • Build a consensus about whether the unit will accept boys and girls, just boys, or just girls.
  • Have a conversation with the chartered organization to let them know your desires in regard to Family Scouting, and to determine the chartered organization’s wishes in this matter.
  • Recruit a New Member Coordinator team
  • Identify and recruit new den leaders and assistant den leaders for the incoming Cub Scouts.
  • Ensure all current and new leaders complete training for their positions.
  • Attend Roundtable!
  • Ensure your unit’s pin is up-to-date.
  • Become familiar with the online application process.
  • Talk to your unit commissioner or district membership team for help.
  • Talk to everyone you can in your community to let them know about this great Scouting opportunity for local youth in your pack!



Girls will be able to join Scouts BSA – the new name for our iconic program for youth ages 11-18 – starting in February 2019. That gives us plenty of time to prepare, but don’t wait to get started!

The same items listed above for packs will also apply to new troops, with slight changes for context. For example, a chartered organization will need two troops to serve both boys and girls.

As NCAC Vice President of Membership Chris Lucander said at the Area 6 Workshop in March, “Don’t forget the boys who are already participating in the Scouting program!” Adding girls to Scouts BSA should be an expansion of your program, not a replacement or substitute. Be sure you discuss with your chartered organization, troop leadership, and parents how you will make sure all Scouts get the program they deserve.