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Six Merit Badges to Earn Instead of The Infinity Stones

April 26, 2018

In Avengers: Infinity War coming out later this week, the stars of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe will go up against a villain named Thanos whose goal is to achieve ultimate power by gathering the Infinity Stones, six magical gems that each give their owner tremendous power. While the #myNCAC team cannot help you acquire your own Infinity Stone, we have prepared a list of six merit badges you may want to work on in their place.


The Power Stone allows the user to increase their physical strength, as well as to manipulate energy of any form.

Instead consider: Electricity Merit Badge

In addition to being one of the coolest looking badges, Electricity is one of the original 57 badges and teaches a Scout electrical safety plus how to build and operate simple electronic devices. Plus, if a circuit breaker trips in your suit of high-tech armor, you will know how to find and reset it.


The Mind Stone makes the user much smarter and allows them to access the thoughts of other living beings.

Instead consider: Programing Merit Badge

In the movies the Mind Stone once programed an artificial intelligence, so learning the basics of programming languages, coding, and debugging is a good step in the right direction.


The Time Stone allows the user to speed up, slow down, and even travel through time itself to visit great moments in the future or the past.

Instead consider: Scouting Heritage Merit Badge

You may not actually be able to visit Lord Baden-Powell at Gilwell Park, but learning about the history of Scouting in the United States and around the world is almost as good as seeing it yourself. Alternate suggestion: Inventing Merit Badge. If you don’t know the future, make it yourself.


The Space Stone allows the user to move to any point in the universe instantly and safely.

Instead consider: Geocaching Merit Badge

Geocaching involves finding hidden places and objects on planet Earth using your GPS unit and a set of coordinates. For those who love the adventure of travel and seeing new places there is no better merit badge. You may not get there instantaneously, but for this badge the journey is the purpose. 


The Soul Stone gives the user control over life and death itself.

Instead consider: Search and Rescue Merit Badge

No magic powers, no special abilities, just Scouts doing what Scouts do best: helping others when it is needed. Next time an alien portal opens over your town or the city mysteriously disappears, “Be Prepared!” and be ready to lend a hand.


The Reality Stone lets the user do the impossible, granting any wish even if it violates the laws of science.

Instead consider: Collections Merit Badge

By the time you have collected five Infinity Stones it will just take a conversation with your counselor and a report documenting the process to finish earning this fun badge. With 18 movies (and counting!) already documenting his efforts, it is possible Thanos already qualifies.

Earning these six merit badges may not give you ultimate power, but they will teach you valuable life skills and put you well along the way to earning your Eagle Scout, which, we can all agree, is much more useful.