Marriott Scout Service Center Parking Lot Resurfacing

UPDATE: Due to weather-related issues, resurfacing has been delayed. Please continue to exercise caution when entering or exiting the parking areas.

On Monday, March 19th we will begin to resurface the parking lot surrounding the Marriott Scout Service Center (MSSC). The project is scheduled to be finished by Friday, March 23rd, with line painting set for Sunday, March 25th.

The paving will take place in three phases throughout the week.

Please be aware that parking will be extremely limited. Please do not park in the following associated areas on the mornings scheduled for each phase: they will be blocked off. Likewise, please do not move and/or alter the placement of any cones, ropes, barriers, etc.

Phase 1 – Monday and Tuesday, March 19th and 20th

Phase 1 (see map below for areas labeled with a 1) will involve the front parking area. We ask that staff who need to be onsite please park in the lower (back) parking areas (see map for area labeled with a 3). Please reserve the areas marked on the map with a 2 for patrons of the Scout Shop.

Phase 2 – Wednesday, March 21st

Phase 2 (see map below for areas labeled with a 2) will take place on the side of the building that is farthest from Rockville Pike.

Phase 3 – Thursday and Friday, March 22nd and 23rd

Phase 3 (see map below for areas labeled with a 3) will take place in the lower parking area nearest to the loading bay door and dumpsters.

All space striping will take place on Sunday, March 25th.