What’s the Climbing Instructor Online Training Portal and Why’d the Address Change to https://climbncac.gnomio.com/

If you’ve clicked on the links to our online climbing instructor training portal and seen the page redirected you may already know that domain name address http://climbncac.mdl2.com/ where the course is hosted has changed to https://climbncac.gnomio.com/.  The change is mostly transparent and you’ll be forwarded to the new site. However, if you not being redirected to the right page try logging in to the site first.

For example, find the NCAC Climbing Committee policies for course instruction, assessments, and certifications of training that hope to reduce burden and maximize value for participants at http://climbncac.gnomio.com/mod/forum/view.php?id=5. The NCAC online climbing course examination is at http://climbncac.gnomio.com/mod/quiz/view.php?id=39.

So.. what is the climbing instructor online portal anyway?

NCAC provides level 2 climbing instructor training for individuals who seek to lead climbing activities, and level 1 climbing instructor training for individuals who will assist a level 2 instructor managing the event. The Online Portal helps support this training in order to maximize the quality and usefulness of the training for volunteers.

If you’re an experienced climber, or once were before kids and the world of “it’s only one-hour a week” volunteering as a Scouter.. you know you probably need to brush up on at least a few things.  You also know you need to know what the specific policies are for the BSA, as it regards climbing. Thus one goal of the online portal is to present the BSA specific policies around instruction, site and group management, inventory and gear policies and other non-technical skills.  Another component is to prepare a participant on the technical aspects of climbing instructor competency.

Online course instruction is the norm in many fields. It maximizes the value of the student’s time and ensures learning opportunities are available at the most convenient time for you.  Breaking out what is easy to study and assess online, from learning that requires demonstration of instructor’s basic skills ensures your interest in volunteering isn’t overcome by a block of time that’s difficult to schedule.

The online curriculm is broken up into all sections of instruction in the BSA training materials.  If you’re unfamiliar with a particular subject like LNT, EDGE teaching or other elements of the curriculm, click through the material to familiarize yourself.  If you already command a fluency of a topic, it should be easy to demonstrate when you take the online quiz.

For a recreational climber with experience setting toprope and managing groups, some study online and completion of the quiz is the preparation needed to schedule a training assessment.  You may find in the training that there are techniques that have changed since you learned, but training will review top-rope setup and management for bottom and top-managed sites at locations you’re likely to utilize with Scouting units.

If you are new to climbing, understand what you’re getting into.  Climbing is not a risk-free activity and leading an activity as a level 2 instructor requires technical competency and maturity that is typically mastered over a period of time, with mentoring along the way.  Understanding how to climb is an important component to being a good coach and instructor and ensuring challenge by choice works is actualized realistically.

No online learning is sufficient alone and must be complemented with actual experience.  Direct learning opportunities are available with mentors in units across the council throughout the year.  If you’re interested in getting started reach out to the NCAC Climbing Committee today.