Online Registration to Accept Credit Cards Only

The Online Registration System that was made available this year has been widely used and has helped simplify the registration process for new youth and adults joining Scouting.  Since it opened in April more than 2,400 new youth and adults have joined local Scout groups using this method.

As a new system that continues to gain increased functionality, there have been some problems with the system, many of which have been resolved.  Thank you for your patience! Two that remain include:

Applications Pending Approval: It is important that unit leadership checks the Online Registration regularly and act on any pending applications.  Many new applications timed out this year because they were never approved by a unit leader.

Applications Pending Payment: This applied to units that chose to accept cash/check as the payment option.  When funds are not available in the unit’s account, it creates a backlog in applications and payment recovery.  To alleviate this, online applications will be switched to credit card payments only beginning in January 2018.

What this means for your Scout unit:

  • Access to the online registration system will remain the same. To complete a youth or adult application, the person completing the application must provide a credit card to pay for the pro-rated registration fees.
  • As before, a refund will be made to the applicant if the registration is not accepted by the unit leadership.
  • Each unit should be prepared to collect any other unit dues if applicable.

It is important that youth and adults wanting to join Scouting have the ability to do so with ease and without delay.  Please do your best to ensure that all new applications, paper or electronic, are properly submitted within the same month that they join and prior to your charter renewal.

If you have any questions, please contact your District Executive.

Thank you for all you do for our Scouts!