NCAC Cub Scout Outdoor Ethics Award

The NCAC Outdoor Ethics Committee created this patch program to recognize Cub Scout youth and adults who are active Leave No Trace practitioners and to encourage & promote ethical outdoor behavior beginning at a young age. Outdoor Ethics is needed today more than ever before when millions of scouts regularly recreate in parks and public lands. The impact of this use cannot be ignored but can be minimized by teaching and practicing Outdoor Ethics as Cub Scouts and continuing as Boy Scouts and adults.

Cub Scout youth and adults can earn this award.


  1. Learn the BSA Outdoor Code
  2. Watch the National Park Service Leave No Trace (LNT) video
  3. Take the LNT online course
  4. Participate in an Outdoor Ethics activity with a person who has taken the Outdoor Ethics Orientation, the LNT Trainer course or LNT Master Educator course.

Patches are available for purchase at the front desk of the Bethesda Office during normal business hours for $5. Payment by cash or check to “NCAC” or the online trading post, search “Outdoor”.