Family Scouting Early Adopter Starts Jan. 15

Family Scouting Early Adopter Program Launches in January 2018!

A full plan and guide for the Family Scouting expansion is set to roll-out for the 2018 program year, but for those who just can’t wait to get started BSA has released an Early Adopter Program starting January 15, 2018.

As you already know, the decision of whether to start a Family Pack is up to the Chartered Organization (COR); regardless of the outcome of that decision, NCAC stands ready to support Scouting in your neighborhood with the same commitment to top-notch programs as we always have. However, if your Pack has decided to make the move and open your program to girls, the question now becomes do you want to be an Early Adopter in January or wait for the official launch this summer? (The exact date is still TBD but expected to be early June so girls can attend summer camp.)

To better help you decide, here are two questions your Pack Committee should consider with your COR. If your Pack can answer “yes” to these two questions, you may be ready to move forward as an Early Adopter of the Family Scouting Program:

  1. Do we have excitement in our community to begin a Family Scouting Program?
  2. Can our Pack meet ALL the Early Adopter Program Requirements, as outlined by BSA?
    1. The Council approves your Pack as being in “good standing”. Your District Executive can help you to facilitate this designation.
    2. Your COR and the Pack Committee activates your pin prior to March 15.
    3. Your leaders are 100% trained, including current Youth Protection Training (YPT), and have female leadership in place for any Pack or Den activities involving female members.
    4. Your Pack will have a program plan in place that will enable all members (both new girls and current boys) to advance by May 31.
    5. Your Pack agrees to abide by the rules established by the BSA including a minimum of 4 girls in a Pack, and a minimum of 4 girls in any one Den. (For this soft launch Packs can create an “All Ages Den” with at least 4 girls)

Whether you are launching in January or August, the Early Adopter Program gives you a good idea what you’ll need to do to “Be Prepared!” for Family Scouting. Similar to the introduction of Lions a few years back, this “soft rollout” framework is sensitive to the needs of all families while providing a comfortable starting point for those Packs who are ready to embrace the new program. And like the Lions rollout, the Family Scouting Program will continue to develop and evolve as feedback is received and new challenges are identified.

More information will be coming early next year. Watch for a program-focused webinar on January 8!

Still have questions or want more details? Please reach out to us directly at or call 301-530-9360. We’re ready to launch and here to help if you are too!